What is Hypnotherapy?
I believe we are, each of us, many different “parts” and personalities; each coming to the forefront depending on our circumstance. For instance, I am one person with my best friend, another in an important meeting, another when things are going my way, and another when I feel wronged. This ability can be wonderful and useful, certainly.  Yet, conditions and events of the past tend to hold us to a narrow outlook. Fear, prejudice, anger and destructive habits may at times make us feel that we are our own prisoner. How to change?

Change is possible through accessing the subconscious layer of the mind, that layer which has the very real ability to rewrite our limiting thought patterns, and is the layer which is gently explored during hypnosis.

The belief behind hypnotherapy is that we are each tremendous individuals,  yet that potential is too often buried. It is helpful to learn how to access a deeper wisdom within ourselves, and to realize that we can manifest who we really want to be. We can learn to let go of that which is no longer of use to us in our present life, and move forward with strength and assurance.

We too often live a fragmented life with different moods and desires dictating our behavior. These fragments can learn to listen to an inner wisdom which has our best interest at heart;  a wisdom which offers inner harmony and wholeness. 

The hypnotherapist offers hypnosis as a powerful tool with guidance and affirmation. The client’s deepest level of learning is facilitated.  It is a process wherein a client’s interest, desire, or need, is explored in a safe and supportive environment.

The only requirement for the client is motivation and willingness. An initial interview will individualize your needs before hypnosis is induced. Typically, the first appointment is 1 1/2 hours, with subsequent appointments just under an hour. It may be recommended that a taped session be practiced at home for reinforcement between appointments.

The initial hypnotherapy session is usually about 90 min (due to explaining what hypnosis is, having time for questions/answers before beginning), with subsequent sessions just under an hour. The cost of each session is $
25.00, payable in either check or cash only, please.

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