What is Hypnosis?
Hypnosis can be understood as a natural state of focus often reached in daily life through such activities as daydreaming, reading a good book, or watching a favorite movie. It accesses our subconscious layer; the layer of the mind which is essential to access if true transformation is to occur. These layers are reached only with the client's permission.  Nothing is ever done without permission and desire on the client's part.

This enjoyable talent of imagination and focus can be used intentionally to access levels of relaxation and motivation that too often remain hidden in our busy lives. With oneís permission, the automatic conscious mind of daily living can be allowed to relax for a specified time, and it is then possible to give real attention to that layer of oneself not often heard.

Hypnosis can assist in reaching those parts of ourselves that have a higher level of knowledge and understanding than is generally available to us. By relaxing into ourselves, and listening to ourselves, we have the ability to come more fully into ourselves.

There are as many uses for hypnosis as there are needs. Some of the more common uses are : Pregnancy and/or childbirth preparation, stress reduction, increasing oneís joy and energy, learning to sleep better, self-discovery, finding a peaceful inner home, working on dreams, improve relationships, moving through the grief process, improving confidence and self esteem, performance improvement, accenting oneís artistic talents, stop smoking... and much more.

Only what is safe and appropriate for the client will be explored: at times hypnosis is experienced simply as a new and fresh perspective, or as a deeply relaxing and interesting experience. Too, deep and lasting transformation is offered.

"I have to say that I really had my doubts about being hypnotized, but it was nothing like I thought it would be. The relaxation and total calm of the experience is the most vivid recollection, and Barbara is so good at making you comfortable during the whole process that you just enjoy the journey, which to me consisted of a profound remembrance of my youth and who I used to be and actually still am. This experience for me seemed to let me see and appreciate my self from all angles and feel a relaxed peaceful calm with everything around me. The awakening after the journey is one of the best feelings I have had in a long time, much like a burden had been lifted from me and left me very peaceful, calm, and confident about my whole existence. Thank you Barbara."

~ John Stafford

"Hypnotism was the last thing that I thought I would be a part of, but with Barbara's guidance and much encouragement from my husband, the experience was not only something I welcomed, but turned out to be a place within myself I had never really realized before.  I felt I reached the center of love I hold for everyone dear to me, and could have remained in that state indefinitely; it was very beautiful. Reflecting afterwards I was in complete awe of the pure emotion that had flowed so easily, with Barbara's calm reassurance. For me this session was more than just getting hypnotized, it was in fact a new beginning."

~ Teresa Stafford

For several years I was unable to get a good nightís sleep. Iíd regularly wake up in the middle of the night, then toss and turn until the alarm rang. Iíd always taken sleeping for granted because it had never been a problem until about four years ago, but now a good nightís sleep seemed impossible, and exhaustion was affecting my life on every level. I moved through my days on automatic pilot, too tired to think or feel much joy. It was all I could do to get through each day, and I wasnít enjoying my life as I always had. I had one hypnotherapy session with Barbara, and I trusted her completely. Within two or three days, I was sleeping through the night. I canít even begin to describe the relief I felt! That was a year ago, and I continue to sleep well. I feel like myself again, and now itís hard to remember how different my life was when I was exhausted all the time. That one session returned me to a sense of well-being that I wasnít sure I could reclaim. I will never take sleep for granted again, and I truly believe in the effectiveness of hypnotherapy and the gentle guidance of Barbara Heffel.

~ Carolynn Ranch

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